Sabtu, 10 Juni 2017

Bad hair bad day

Hi guys. I just wanna talk something about my problem. I think this is quite severe and disturbing me for years and i just really sad that i cant solve it til now :(

You know, my problem is about my hair. I've got really bad hairloss since i was in junior high school (maybe) i just cant remember since when but actually it has been a long time that it annoys me so bad. Eventhough it dont make me bald (oh God please dont let that happen-_-naudzubillah) but my hair keep falling and it makes my room so dirty-_- everytime i enter my room i always see the hair on the floor, the bed, oh it bothers me so much. Another problem is that my skin head is really itchy i dont know if it is because of dandruffs but when i see my skin head closer i just didnt find them. Yes i had them before really bad but now fortunately it is gone. But im not really sure i dont know. I just afraid that they still there -_- thats why i was confused whenever i chose sort of shampoo products--is it for reducing hairloss or dandruffs.

And yesterday, i was going to the GC with my family and attending the Anne Avantie's batik fair and when my father was about to pay i saw shampoos and soaps was displayed on the cashier desk my eyes were focusing on the shampoos and suddenly wide opened because you know what i mean right. I was like "WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT SHAMPOO? HERBAL SHAMPOO? WAIT..WHAT FOR IS THAT? REDUCING HAIRLOSS? DANDRUFFS? RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WHO USE HIJAB? SERIOUSLYYYY". Yeah, maybe just like that. And after shopping, when i was checking the items we've bought in the bag,  i saw some sample of soaps and shampoos. YES THEY ARE. SOAPS AND SHAMPOOS GUYS. *sorry for the overreaction im just really happy hehe*

The brand is "Herbalove"... i've never heard that before. But from the packaging i can say that it is local product. It says "herbal", so it is really interested me. And the good thing is, it has registered in BPOM! Yes, every product MUST HAVE REGISTERED to it, as a prove that the products are safe to use and dont cause harm for people. It gains my interest so much. Then i directly checked the testimonials on the internet and surprisingly it got good compliments! Eventho it got only 3 reviews hehe..but it made me happy enough lol. Seriously even I became more curious then... it makes me wanna try the products sooner. And then I checked the price on Shopee and Tokopedia (yes both of them are my favourites online shop website/app) and it is neither cheap nor expensive. And the explanation of the product said that "because this is herbal products, you can use this everyday and it can detox your hair and your skin head from the chemical substances because of your shampoo before". I was like, what? So shampoo can do the detoxification too? :( 

I hope this is going to be success. Because ive tried some of shampoo brands and it didnt give me satisfaction at all. I've tried cl*ar, h**d & sh*******, and others that arent that popular but claims can solve hair problems such as hairloss and dandruffs. Pfft. What a bullshit.

Really, I have a high hope on this. I hope my hair will get better sooner, aamiin..

Selasa, 01 Maret 2016

2016's First Post *YAY*

Hello! This is my very first time in this year to post again since 4 years ago. Soo exciting! Aaand sadly, i should admit that i had abandoned this blog for such a long time ugh. But no problem, at least now I am opening my blog again and giving a little treatment to freshen up my blog yay! *clapclap* how does my blog? Pretty right? ahahah *grin* Actually..... i cant design my blog as good as other bloggers did, at least ive tried my best tho.. Hmm.. the result's not really bad, isn't it? 

Anyway, I am a college student now. It feels like...i've just entered high school few days ago. And i can't really admit myself that i am almost 19 this year. Praise the Lord cause he has given me this beautiful life with ups and downs so that i must be calm and patient to face it. Aah i almost forget that i am studying in architecture and happy with it. Even there is so many tasks that have given to me as an architecture student but as long as i enjoy it, i am sure that i can pass everything and will get the best thing in the future.

Most people know that studying in architecture is not that easy and not so many people want to study in architecture. Yep, i should tell you--especially for those who want to study in this major--there is A LOT of assignments that you will get. No sleep. No eat. No fun, LYING. Nah--but seriously, i mean, yes you will have no sleep particularly if you get difficult task (i say it difficult because not every assignment in architecture you can finish in short period (short=1 day-week) and learning architecture means you learn about art or creativity and everyone's perception about it is different). Studying architecture is not about being heedful to whether you like or dislike, but the very important thing is, you should be heedful to everyone's perception. Because being an architect is 'forcing' you to serve everyone's taste. You can't force someone to like whether you like because everyone's taste is different. But if you have tried the best to make something great and you believe yourself that your own result is worthy, i believe that everyone who see it will appreciate it and the lecturer will give you good score. Aaand if you get difficult assignments and you need a lot of time to finish it, i bet you will forget to eat and can't do anything fun. I mean forget is not really forget but, you will override it (especially if you don't finish your assignment earlier/postpone your assignment to do unnecessary things so you don't have any time left). Oh! I should tell you that you must learn to manage your time because it is a MAJOR thing you should have. If you can manage your time, i am sure that you still can sleep, eat, and do another things because you've already finished your assignments. Those who can manage time mostly don't like to postpone every task/activity that is important. They like to sort their assignments/activities, which one is more important, which thing they should finish first.

HAHA I am just realized that i've explained a lot about architecture.............. pfftt sorry. Oh ya! I should tell you that being a college student is fun! I've gotten so many friends from different cities of mine. As I said before, even there is so much assignments that you''ll get, and your sleep time will be decreased, as long as you can manage your time, I am sure that you can deal with it. Well...... see ya!

Rabu, 16 Mei 2012



Kangen nih udah lama ga utak atik blog -_- pdhl uda bnyk bgt cerita yg sbnrnya mau aku tuang di blog-ku satu-satunya ini. Yap, bnyk bgt. Smpe lupa cerita yg mana yg mau aku post di sini. Ya Allah -_-a

Oiya, btw, prnh ga sih kalian ngrasain yg namanya 'dibales' sm Allah? ._. Pasti ada lah ya di antara kalian yg prnh ngrasain hal itu. Nah, buat aku pribadi, aku sering ngrasain ini. Hmm, cukup sering, sih ._. Maklum saya manusia yg bnyk dosa ._.v tapi serius, aku cukup sering ngrasain yg namanya dibales sm Allah. Jadi tentu lah aku punya lumayan bnyk kisah seputar aku dibales sm Allah.

Jujur aja, masa-masa paling alim di saat SMP ini pas aku masih kelas 8. Knp? Karena menurutku, aku trbilang cukup religius di masa kls 8. Waktu itu, aku cukup sering cerita atau konsultasi soal keagamaan pd salah seorang guru ngajiku di sekolah yg betul2 kukagumi. Tapi skrg, kebiasaan itu sudah tak prnh kulakukan krna bertemu beliau saja jarang, ditambah lagi aku uda ga diajar sm beliau lagi. Beliau ngajar sirah, sih ._. Nah, waktu kls 8 tuh, aku cukup rajin shalat tahajjud. Hampir tiap hari aku shalat tahajjud, krna emg waktu itu aku ngrasa ada sesuatu yg ngedorong aku untuk shalat tahajjud terus, jd sebisa mungkin aku slalu membiasakan diri untuk shalat tahajjud tiap hari (bukan maksud sombong ato gmn, tapi itu yg emg aku rasain ._.v). Prnah waktu itu aku nggak shalat tahajjud, dan rasanya kyk berdosa bgt krna aku kan uda mencoba membiasakan diri shalat tahajjud tiap hari. Nggak cuma itu, aku juga membiasakan diri untuk shalat fardhu tepat waktu. Sama seperti shalat tahajjud, ada dorongan di dlm diriku yg membuatku untuk shalat tepat waktu tiap harinya. Klo smpe terlambat shalat, walaupun trlambatnya juga ga banget, aku pasti ngrasa brsalah sm Allah. Nyesel gitu rasanya. Takut ntar ada apa2.  Aku juga membiasakan baca Alquran tiap hari satu 'ain. Sama seperti lainnya, aku akan ngrasa brsalah bila aku tak sampai membaca Alquran. Nggak hanya itu, aku juga suka ngingetin org buat shalat, entah knp. Menurutku ngingetin org shalat itu nyenengin bgt, haha (maaf ya klo aku aneh -_-v). Oiya sbg tmbhn, walau sbnrnya gaada hubungannya sm alim sih, klo dibandingin sm kls 9 ini, aku lebih nggetu bljrnya kls 8 ._. Gatau knp, pdhl kls 9 adalah masa paling sulit di antara masa2 lainnya-_-

Dan..... apakah kalian tau apa balesan dr semua itu? Mnrtku, Allah jd sering mengabulkan doaku. Sbg contoh kecil misalnya, prnh waktu itu stlh shalat isya' aku brdoa minta dibangunkan pukul tiga pagi untuk shalat tahajjud. Beberapa lama kmudian, aku tertidur. Begitu bangun, tepat pukul tiga pagi aku terbangun dan melaksanakan shalat tahajjud. Begitu bersyukurnya aku, Allah mau mengabulkan doaku. Sbg contoh lain, prnh waktu itu di masa2 ujian, entah UTS, UAS, ato UKK aku lupa, aku brdoa stiap usai shalat, "...ya Allah, smoga nilai hamba tdk ada yg remidi, smoga nilai yg hamba raih 80 ke atas, ya Allah..." Dan trnyata benar, alhamdulillah, entah krna jerih payah ato krna apa, doaku trkabul, Begitu senangnya aku, krna apa yg aku inginkan trnyta tercapai. Aku jd lebih bersyukur dan yakin kalo Allah itu sayang sama umatnya. Pikirku waktu itu aku juga tmbh yakin, klo aku pasti mampu melewati masa-masa kelas 9. Ehm, sbnrnya balasanNya ga cuma itu sih, tapi, cukup cuma itu aja ya hehe'-'v

Memasuki kelas 9, aku jd smakin nyantai, krna aku uda kepedean bgt waktu prtama kali pake bet merah klo aku bkln bisa menempuh masa2 sulit kelas 9 dr awal smpe akhir. Awal2 ngrasain jd anak trtua di SMP tuh aku dan temen2 seangkatanku lainnya lgsg dihadapkan pd TO Diagnostik. Deg-degan sih, tapi ya namanya aku sombong lah, ngrasa bisa bgt dpt nilai bagus ya aku cukup nyantai. Aku bljr sih, tapi ya ga nggetu2 bgt. Dan pas ngrjain, trnyta soalnya susah -_-" dan pas liat hasilnya, begitu shock-nya aku. Knp? Kan TO-nya ada dua sesi tuh, sesi pertama aku ga lulus, dan yg sesi ke-2 aku lulus. Walau nilainya juga ga sbrapa, tapi aku seneng. Berawal dr itu, aku jd lupa diri. Aku jd suka ngeremehin, sombong, suka seenaknya sendiri, gmpg terpengaruh, suka kepedean, ngrasa plg hebat, dll. Kdg aku jd suka shalat ga tepat waktu, aku juga jd ga sering shalat tahajjud ga kyk dulu pas kls 8. Bljr pun aku ga se-nggetu kls 8 krna aku ngremehin. Tapi alhamdulillah kebiasaan baca Alquran masih kulakuin smpe skrg dan 'ain-nya pun kutambahin. Smoga kebiasan ini terus bertahan smpe akhir hayatku, amiin...

Tau sendiri kan, bagi yg kls 9 ato yg prnh ngrasain jd anak kls 9 tuh perjuangannya pasti berat. Bnyk try out lah, hrs menuhin nilai lah bagi yg ngrasa nilainya masih kosong, uda gitu endingnya UNAS. Tapi di awal2 aku jd anak kls 9, sumpah aku nyante bgt. Jarang bljr, klo bljr pun ga nggetu sama sekali. Selalu aja ada yg bikin aku terpengaruh untuk melakukan kegiatan lain di saat aku sdg bljr. Dan balasanNya sungguh mengena di hati ;_; di setiap try out, di saat anak2 dg mudahnya bisa meraih average 8, slalu aja aku raih average 7. Ya pernah sih aku ngeraih average 8, tapi juarang pol-_- di saat temen2 dg mudahnya bisa ngeraih nilai mat ato IPA 9, aku plg 6 ato 7 -_- sedih bgt emg, dan selama try out sblm intensif aku selalu aja gitu. Efek lainnya, Allah jd jarang kabulin doaku, bnyk bgt masalah nimpa, nilai2ku jd jelek, kena remidi dg nilai yg nyerempet, susah bangun buat shalat tahajjud, dll. ._. Stres bgt sumpah waktu itu, apalagi mau UNAS, WOY! zzz... Sempet nangis aku saking stresnya, di saat aku tau aku remidi dua pelajaran dan itu aku ga ngeduga banget remidinya. Ya Allah, betapa sombongnya aku;_; uda ngeremehin bnyk bgt;_; aku juga smpt curhat ke wali kelas soal uneg2ku, smpe aku gakuat nahan nangis. Betapa malu skaligus sedihnya aku, krna aku juga seorang ketua kelas, aku jd ngrasa malu bgt gabisa kasih contoh yg baik buat temen2ku.

Aku jd bener2 galau. Aku jd mulai negative thinking, mikir klo Allah uda ga sayang sm aku lagi. Astaghfirullah. Naudzubillahimindzalik. Tapi aku jd lebih introspeksi diri. Begitu tau tergolong kelas apa saat intensif baru dimulai, aku jd ngerti, trnyta usahaku slama ini bener2 blm maksimal. Trlalu santai. Aku nyesel bgt dan bnyk bgt yg aku pikirin waktu itu. Terutama aku nyesel sm Ujian Sekolah. Aku ngrasa usahaku nggak maksimal waktu ujian tersebut berlangsung. Sedih rasanya begitu menyadari itu. Entah brp hasil yg kuraih, smoga hasilnya masih bisa membuatku tersenyum.

Sjk saat itu, aku jd pgn bgt berubah. Smpe skrg aku jd lebih introspeksi diri, mencoba untuk menghilangkan sifat2 burukku. Porsi belajarku jd kutingkatkan, yg awalnya leha2 skrg aku jd lebih merhatiin guru2 di sekolah. Aku juga mengulang kebiasaanku dulu, yaitu shalat tahajjud, shalat fardlu tepat waktu, dan ngaji. Krna aku nggak mau gagal di masa SMP ini. Aku pgn bgt buat ortuku bangga. Aku pgn bisa meraih apa yg aku impi2kan. Aku pgn berhasil. Dan satu lagi, aku pgn bgt berubah jd pribadi yg lebih baik lagi. Itu wajib bgt. Krna menurutku, tak lengkap rasanya bila sukses tapi berakhlak buruk. Oleh sebab itulah, semoga secepatnya, aku bisa mnjdi pribadi yg lebih baik dr sblmnya. Oh iya, berhubung hasil UNAS-nya belum keluar, semoga aku lulus dg nilai yg memuaskan, nilai yg sempurna, dan smoga aku bisa mnjdi lulusan trbaik dan bisa melanjutkan ke SMA Negeri RSBI impianku O:) amiiin... WISH ME LUCK!!!

Senin, 14 November 2011

Unforgettable 10 November

Empat hari yg lalu, tepatnya 10 November yg lalu, adalah hari yg ga terlupain buatku. Pasalnya, 9G menang 2 lomba bero!!! \m/ Gile, ternyata usaha yg udah dilakuin sebelumnya memenangkan hasil. Walau ga menang di lomba busana sama atraksi, tapi 9G menang pas 'Heroic on the Road' sama bazaar jeeh... B-)\m/ Sueneng ga karuan pas tau 9G menang 2 :') aku ga mksud sombong lho ._. Yang paling ga terlupain pas heroic on the road, karena itu seru gila bero! Pengen ngulang lagi, tapi gamau menanggung malu untuk yg kedua kalinya -_- alhamdulillah kenangan pas heroic on the road telah diabadikan dlm foto, di antaranya ...

Bazaar juga tak terlewatkan!

Bener-bener unforgettable lah pokoknya! Pengen ngulangin masa-masa seperti ini lagi sama 9G :')

Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Hey You!

hey, did you know?
and I just wanna say that ...
 why? because ...
and aa...
and ...
and also ...

God ... 
because ... 
but sorry, 

 but I just wanna you know that the truth is ...

Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Target Ramadhan Tahun Ini: KHATAM QUR'AN!

Yaak, teman-teman semuanya, pokoknya siapa saja, saya sudah berhasil memasuki juz 18 dan kurang 3 lembar lagi juz 19 di depan mata, MUAHAHA!!! biasa deh -_- Bukannya sombong kawan, tapi saya terlanjur terharu sudah bisa memasuki juz tersebut :') *ualay-_- Do'akan saya kawan semuanya, sebangsa se-tanah air tercinta Indonesia merdekaa, do'akan supaya saya bisa khatam Al Qur'an dengan segera. Insya Allah jika kalian semua mendo'akan saya kalian semua nggak dapet dosa (enak kaan?)!!! Bukannya memaksa kalian, tapi tolong kawan do'akan saya, ini demi diri saya dan demi diri kalian semuaaa... tapi gatau deh apa keuntungan yg kalian dapetin, hehe :p Tapi dijamin kalian ga dapet dosa kok kalo ngedo'ain saya :D Eh, tapi do'anya yang ikhlas yaa teman-temaan :D Jangan sampe kalian mendo'akan kalian karena keterpaksaan :D Okedeh, mohon do'a ya semuanya :)