Selasa, 01 Maret 2016

2016's First Post *YAY*

Hello! This is my very first time in this year to post again since 4 years ago. Soo exciting! Aaand sadly, i should admit that i had abandoned this blog for such a long time ugh. But no problem, at least now I am opening my blog again and giving a little treatment to freshen up my blog yay! *clapclap* how does my blog? Pretty right? ahahah *grin* Actually..... i cant design my blog as good as other bloggers did, at least ive tried my best tho.. Hmm.. the result's not really bad, isn't it? 

Anyway, I am a college student now. It feels like...i've just entered high school few days ago. And i can't really admit myself that i am almost 19 this year. Praise the Lord cause he has given me this beautiful life with ups and downs so that i must be calm and patient to face it. Aah i almost forget that i am studying in architecture and happy with it. Even there is so many tasks that have given to me as an architecture student but as long as i enjoy it, i am sure that i can pass everything and will get the best thing in the future.

Most people know that studying in architecture is not that easy and not so many people want to study in architecture. Yep, i should tell you--especially for those who want to study in this major--there is A LOT of assignments that you will get. No sleep. No eat. No fun, LYING. Nah--but seriously, i mean, yes you will have no sleep particularly if you get difficult task (i say it difficult because not every assignment in architecture you can finish in short period (short=1 day-week) and learning architecture means you learn about art or creativity and everyone's perception about it is different). Studying architecture is not about being heedful to whether you like or dislike, but the very important thing is, you should be heedful to everyone's perception. Because being an architect is 'forcing' you to serve everyone's taste. You can't force someone to like whether you like because everyone's taste is different. But if you have tried the best to make something great and you believe yourself that your own result is worthy, i believe that everyone who see it will appreciate it and the lecturer will give you good score. Aaand if you get difficult assignments and you need a lot of time to finish it, i bet you will forget to eat and can't do anything fun. I mean forget is not really forget but, you will override it (especially if you don't finish your assignment earlier/postpone your assignment to do unnecessary things so you don't have any time left). Oh! I should tell you that you must learn to manage your time because it is a MAJOR thing you should have. If you can manage your time, i am sure that you still can sleep, eat, and do another things because you've already finished your assignments. Those who can manage time mostly don't like to postpone every task/activity that is important. They like to sort their assignments/activities, which one is more important, which thing they should finish first.

HAHA I am just realized that i've explained a lot about architecture.............. pfftt sorry. Oh ya! I should tell you that being a college student is fun! I've gotten so many friends from different cities of mine. As I said before, even there is so much assignments that you''ll get, and your sleep time will be decreased, as long as you can manage your time, I am sure that you can deal with it. Well...... see ya!

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