Sabtu, 10 Juni 2017

Bad hair bad day

Hi guys. I just wanna talk something about my problem. I think this is quite severe and disturbing me for years and i just really sad that i cant solve it til now :(

You know, my problem is about my hair. I've got really bad hairloss since i was in junior high school (maybe) i just cant remember since when but actually it has been a long time that it annoys me so bad. Eventhough it dont make me bald (oh God please dont let that happen-_-naudzubillah) but my hair keep falling and it makes my room so dirty-_- everytime i enter my room i always see the hair on the floor, the bed, oh it bothers me so much. Another problem is that my skin head is really itchy i dont know if it is because of dandruffs but when i see my skin head closer i just didnt find them. Yes i had them before really bad but now fortunately it is gone. But im not really sure i dont know. I just afraid that they still there -_- thats why i was confused whenever i chose sort of shampoo products--is it for reducing hairloss or dandruffs.

And yesterday, i was going to the GC with my family and attending the Anne Avantie's batik fair and when my father was about to pay i saw shampoos and soaps was displayed on the cashier desk my eyes were focusing on the shampoos and suddenly wide opened because you know what i mean right. I was like "WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT SHAMPOO? HERBAL SHAMPOO? WAIT..WHAT FOR IS THAT? REDUCING HAIRLOSS? DANDRUFFS? RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WHO USE HIJAB? SERIOUSLYYYY". Yeah, maybe just like that. And after shopping, when i was checking the items we've bought in the bag,  i saw some sample of soaps and shampoos. YES THEY ARE. SOAPS AND SHAMPOOS GUYS. *sorry for the overreaction im just really happy hehe*

The brand is "Herbalove"... i've never heard that before. But from the packaging i can say that it is local product. It says "herbal", so it is really interested me. And the good thing is, it has registered in BPOM! Yes, every product MUST HAVE REGISTERED to it, as a prove that the products are safe to use and dont cause harm for people. It gains my interest so much. Then i directly checked the testimonials on the internet and surprisingly it got good compliments! Eventho it got only 3 reviews hehe..but it made me happy enough lol. Seriously even I became more curious then... it makes me wanna try the products sooner. And then I checked the price on Shopee and Tokopedia (yes both of them are my favourites online shop website/app) and it is neither cheap nor expensive. And the explanation of the product said that "because this is herbal products, you can use this everyday and it can detox your hair and your skin head from the chemical substances because of your shampoo before". I was like, what? So shampoo can do the detoxification too? :( 

I hope this is going to be success. Because ive tried some of shampoo brands and it didnt give me satisfaction at all. I've tried cl*ar, h**d & sh*******, and others that arent that popular but claims can solve hair problems such as hairloss and dandruffs. Pfft. What a bullshit.

Really, I have a high hope on this. I hope my hair will get better sooner, aamiin..

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